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The European Community based Mental Health Service Providers (EUCOMS) Network

The EUCOMS network wants to make a difference with and for people who experience severe and enduring mental ill health. The network does this through mutual learning and support between primarily mental health service provider-, but also service user-, carer- and umbrella organisations that strive for the implementation of quality community mental health care. Besides mutual learning and support, EUCOMS acts as the linking pin between policy and practice and gives service providers a voice in the national and European policy arena. The ultimate goal of the network is that quality community based mental health care services are implemented and accessible for service users in Europe and beyond.

Recovery for All in the Community: The EUCOMS Consensus Paper is Online!

The EUCOMS principles of the Consensus Document were presented at the EU Mental Health Compass in Luxemburg, in this 15 minutes presentation. The Consensus Paper describes the key principles and elements of community mental health care. The aim of this consensus document is to serve as a foundation for regionally-organised models of community mental health in Europe and beyond. The document is intended for persons who practice, organise and use mental health services. It can help services that (plan to) start with the implementation of community mental health as well as existing services to improve functioning. 

You can read the consensus paper here.

Fifth EUCOMS meeting in MÁLAGA

We are happy to announce that the 5th EUCOMS meeting will take place in Malaga on the 4th and the 5th of October 2018.



Our Ambitions & Activities

EUCOMS aims to support the implementation of quality community based mental health care services focused on prevention, treatment and recovery of people experiencing mental ill health. EUCOMS does this by connecting service providers in Europe in beyond to continuously improve their service delivery and to advocate for the strengthening of mental health systems.

Our Members

At the moment the network comprises of organisations from 20 countries from Europe and beyond. Members include service providers, service user organisations, umbrella organisations, governmental agencies, health authorities, health trusts and individuals that provide or support services for people affected by mental ill health.


About Us

The EUCOMS network was born in 2015 from the realisation that one of the most important stakeholders for the implementation of quality mental health care, community mental health service providers, were not represented on European policy level. To fill this gap GGZ Nederland, the Trimbos Intitute, EAOF and GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord decided to join hands and to set up the EUCOMS network. 


Periodically EUCOMS sends newsletters to its members  providing an update on the latets developments within the network, upcoming events and recent publications related to community mental health care. Subscribe for our newsletter here.


Become a Member

If you are interested in our activities and support our values and ambitions you can become member. Becoming a member is free. You can register as a member here.

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