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Summary Report 5th EUCOMS Network Meeting

You can read the Summary Report here.

Article Jeroen de Boer - GGZ Noord Holland Noord

Jeroen de Boer, nurse at GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord posted a report about the Málaga Network meeting on the GGZ internal website. You can read the Dutch* version here.


*we are working on the translations for the English version

Publication Spanish newspaper - 5th EUCOMS Network meeting

Article in the Spanish newspaper LA VANGUARDIA about the fifth EUCOMS Network meeting. You can find the English translation here.

The Fifth Meeting of the EUCOMS Networks took place in Málaga, Spain

The fifth EUCOMS meeting was held on October 4th and 5th 2018 in Málaga.

The meeting was hosted by Ms. Evelyn Huizing (Andalusian Health Service) and Mr. Juan José Martinez Jambrina (Director of the Mental Health Area Avilés, Asturias).

Theme of the meeting was to highlight the importance of integrated community mental health care.

The EUCOMS Consensus Paper states “in community mental health, care is a combination of input and supports from users, people from the user’s social network, and professionals when needed. The aim of this combination of perspectives in care is to bridge the gap between professionals and non-professionals, in order to increase the resilience of users as well as the resilience of the networks around users”.

Building upon this we propose the following theme: “Integrated Community Mental Health Care: The challenge of an intersectorial approach” with input from, and debate with, service users, their relatives, professionals from primary health, mental health, and social services and with general community services.

The goal of the meeting:

  • Introducing EUCOMS: a mental health network to improve mental services among professionals, users and families.
  • Sharing knowledge, evaluating services, shaping new solution for old problems
  • Exploring the interface between social and health services
  • Evaluating the state of the art in Europe
  • Gaining user's and families perspective about EUCOMS proposals


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