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Events list

Upcoming events (2019):

·         6 – 9th April: 27th European Psychiatric Association (Warsaw) 

·         24 – 25th May: IPCRG 6th Scientific Meeting (Bucharest) 

·         6 – 8th  June: ENMESH (Lisbon) 

·         13 – 14th June: 6th EUCOMS Network meeting (Lille) 

·         21 - 24th August: 19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry (Lisbon) 

·         5 – 7th September: 7th EUCOMS Network Meeting/ 5th European           Conference on Integrated Care and Assertive Outreach (EAOF) (Verona) 

·         2 – 5th September: Recovery – Refocus on Recovery (Nottingham) 

·         9 - 13th September: IIMHL & IIDL Exchange 2019 (Washington) 

·         27 – 30th November: DGPPN Congress (Berlin) 


Past events (2018):

November 28th - December 1st 

DGPPN Congress (German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics).

York, Asklepios network

June 27th - June 30th

Chisinau, Congres International SPNPPC

June 21st - June 22nd

Avilés, Simposio Nacional sobr Tratamiento Asertivo Comunitario en Salud Mental

June 21st - June 23rd

Trieste, Democracy and Community Mental Health Care

June 10th 

Rene Keet visited the Pfalzklinikum, a mental health service with a catchment area of 1.4 million inhabitants in Southwest Germany. He was a speaker on the Day of Psychiatry (Tag der Psychiatry) and discussed the 6 EUCOMS principles. You can find the press release here soon.

May 28th - June 1st, 2018

IIMHL 2018 Stockholm, Matches in Sweden & Region & Network Meeting Stockholm, see Rene's Keet 5 minute's pitch here.

March 29th & 30t

Rene Keet speaker at the WHOCC International meeting in Lille, 'Active Citizenship and Empowerment in Community Mental Health - Participative innovations in France and abroad' .

February 7th & 8th

Third EU Compass Forum on Mental Health and Well-being - 'Mental Health in all Policies, Community Mental Health Care' in Luxembourg.

Rene Keet speaker during the 2nd session on day 1, Community Mental Health Care - 'What does good look like in community mental health care? From science to shaping practices across EU'.


EUCOMS Newsletter

Periodically we send our contacts and partners a newsletter containing information about our activities, an overview of conferences, seminars, courses and a selection of the the latest publications in the field of community mental health care. 

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